The Art of Photography

A great photographer shoots from different angles and settings.  A drone can capture the images a traditional photographer can't.

Using state of the art Hassleblat imaging cameras, you can expect professional quality images at 48megapixels of resolution and video at 4K or greater (5.1K capable!).

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Drone Photography & Videography Pricing

Our pricing structure is very competitive.  Based on location, time, and processing required, you can expect to pay a great deal less than you'd expect to pay!

Still Photography

All images are captured in RAW format.  This preserves all of the necessary data to give you the absolute highest quality image.  Suitable for billboards to business cards and everything in between.


Our drones are capable of shooting all day long.  With on-board storage capabilities of over 12 hours of footage before downloading, a quick battery change is all thats required to keep the camera rolling.  

Travel Events

You don't have to be next door to enjoy our services.  We can travel to you , anywhere in the country to provide you with the best results possible.  

Weddings & Parties

Yep, we do that too!  Why not document the best days of your life in the best way possible?  Or maybe you're a party professional wanting to promote your brand with a high quality demo for prospective clients.  Put them in the party with a drone photo shoot!


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